A List of the Mordellidea (Coleoptera) Known to Occur in Iowa

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science, Vol: 46, Issue: 1, Page: 427-428

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Jaques, H. E.; Gordner, Donald
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The tumbling flower beetles, as these small active insects are called, are capable of running and flying about with great rapidity. Their habit of kicking and tumbling about after having fallen out of a flower is responsible for their common name. They are small, wedge-shaped beetles; their body arched; head bent downward and the abdomen usually prolonged into a pointed style. In most species the hind legs are very long, front legs short, the hind tarsi long and compressed. The tarsal claws are either simple or cleft to the base. They are usually black, densely covered with fine silken pubescence, and often spotted or banded with yellow or silver.