Study of the Three Component System Diethyl Ether-Water-Magnesium Bromide at 25 C. (Abstract)

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science

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Rowley, H. H.; Bartz, M. H.
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Varying amounts of the three components were brought together in a tube and allowed to come to equilibrium at 25° C. and at atmospheric pressure. The composition of each of the condensed phases, solid and liquid, was determined by analysis and a triangular three component diagram of the phases in equilibrium was made. From the areas, lines and points of the phase diagram, the following information was obtained. Two independent pairs of partly miscible liquids were found: one consisting of a water and an ether layer with a small amount of magnesium bromide dissolved in the ether layer, the other pair consisting essentially of two ether layers, with considerable magnesium bromide in one of the layers. Two solids were found that can exist in equilibrium with liquid phases at 25° C., these being magnesium bromide hexahydrate and magnesium bromide di-ether ate. No evidence was found for the existence of a "mixed solvate" or the basic magnesium bromide di-etherate as claimed by Menschutkin.