Clinical Analysis of a Specific Case in Remedial Reading

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science

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Courtney, Evelyn C.
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A great many studies of group differences in reading speed and comprehension have been reported, notably, by Gates (2), Gray (3), Betts (1), and others, but very few intensive studies of individual cases have been published. The specific case herein reported is that of C, a normal, healthy, well-developed high school boy of sixteen years. He came to the Psychology Department at Iowa State College upon recommendation of a private tutor to receive clinical help in remedial reading. The case was delegated to the writer as a specific problem in educational psychology. The problem developed, it seems, when C was ill during the time he would have been in the 3rd to 5th grades and during the period when reading skills were being emphasized. Apparently, something happened which resulted in faulty reading ability. The subject's attitude toward learning, in general, is very good and his willingness to carry out remedial and practice exercises at home is noteworthy. The problem appeared to be largely that of proper diagnosis of the difficulty and remedial work in speed and comprehension. A rather detailed description of the analysis and remedial work will be given.