Metachromasia in the Hearts of Human Embryos and Fetuses

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science, Vol: 63, Issue: 1, Page: 652-658

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Enzmann, E. V.; Schillinger, E. A.
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The matrix of certain mammalian tissues contains several types of sulfated and non-sulfated mucopolysaccharides (cf. Meyer, 1948) in addition to other carbohydrates (cf. GIegg et al, 1954), cement substance and fibrils. One of the non-sulfated mucopolysaccharides, i.e., hyaluronic acid, has been demonstrated in connective tissue, in teeth, in brain tissue, in the intervertebral discs, bovine vitreous humor, synovial fluid, the lung and other tissue. (Bairati et al, 1952; Bensley, 1950; Friedman, 1953; Holland, 1954; and others). The mucopolysccharides are depolymerized under certain conditions by specific enzymes; thus hyaluronic acid is depolymerizcd by the "spreading factor" (Duran-Reynals, 1928), the "Eizytoplasma auflosende Substanz" (Yamane, 1935), the "sperm enzyme" (Pincus and Enzmann, 1936). Chain and Duthie, 1940, have claim~d that all these substances are identical and have renamed them "hyaluronidase."