Report on a Fungus Isolated From an Ozone Meter

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science, Vol: 70, Issue: 1, Page: 90-97

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Vinje, Mary M.; Vinje, James M.
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The fungus Penicillium lilacinum Thom was found to be responsible for the malfunction of ozone meters sent in from such widely divergent geographical locations as Iowa; Tennessee; Washington, D. C.; Maryland; Ottawa, Canada; and Hawaii. In 12 out of 15 isolations a pure culture of the fungus was obtained. The source of the fungus was traced to the rubber used in the assembly of the solution pump. The sensor solution used in the machine proved to be inhibitory but not fungicidal. Attempts at control included chemical additives of which methylparaben, scorbic acid, propylparaben, and sodium benzoate were all stimulants when used in the lower concentrations in conjunction with the sensor solution. The chemical which was most effective was o-Phenylphenol. The fungus showed unexpected tolerance for some chemicals.