GIS Data: Stafford County, Virginia Tidal Marsh Inventory

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Berman, Marcia; Nunez, Karinna; Killeen, Sharon; Rudnicky, Tamia; Bradshaw, Julie G.; Duhring, Karen; Stanhope, David; Weiss, David; Hershner, Carl
CCRM GIS Data; Tidal marsh inventory; Virginia; GIS; Shoreline Management; Data; Environmental Monitoring
data description
The 2015 Tidal Marsh Inventory update for Stafford County, Virginia was generated using on-screen digitizing techniques in the most recent version of ArcGIS® - ArcMap while viewing conditions observed in the most recent imagery from the Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP). Dominant plant community types were primarily determined during field surveys from shallow-draft boats moving along the shoreline. Land-based surveys were performed in some locations. One shapefile is developed that portrays tidal marsh areas represented as polygons. A metadata file accompanies the shapefile to define attribute accuracy, data development, and any use restrictions that pertain to the data.