An Analysis of the Effects of Isocurvature Fluctuations in Dantes Inferno Multi-Field Inflation Models

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Buncher, Brandon M
Cosmology, Relativity, and Gravity; Elementary Particles and Fields and String Theory
thesis / dissertation description
Although there is significant evidence of inflation (a period of rapid expansion of the early universe), a definitive model of the epoch has not yet been widely accepted. A variety of models exist which describe this period; however, current technology cannot adequately measure several key factors that would demonstrate the veracity of these models. A major differentiator between classes of models is the number of fields that contribute to the inflationary epoch. Single-field inflation models assume the existence of a single field, though the details of this field vary depending on the model, while multi-field inflation models assume the existence of two or more fields. In this project, we study a class of multi-field models in order to determine the magnitude of isocurvature fluctuations, which have been assumed negligible in previous studies.