Shoreline Situation Report Accomack County, Virginia

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Hobbs, Carl H.; Rosen, Peter; Peoples, Margaret H.; Anderson, Gary L.
Research and Technical Reports; Special Reports in Applied Marine Science and Ocean Engineering (SRAMSOE); Shoreline Management; Shorelines; Virginia; Marine Biology
report description
It is the objective of this report to supply an assessment, and at least a partial integration, of those important shoreland parameters and characteristics which will aid the planners and the managers of the shorelands in making the best decisions for the utilization of this limited and very valuable resource. The report gives particular attention to the problem of shore erosion and to recommendations concerning the alleviation of the impact of this problem. In addition we have tried to include in our assessment some of the potential uses of the shoreline, particularly with respect to recreational use, since such information could be of considerable value in the way a particular segment of coast is perceived by potential users.