Time-Dependent Photoionization Modeling of Gaseous Nebulae

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Bautista, Manuel; ElHoussieny, Ehab; Garcia, Javier; Kallman, T. R.
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Photoionized plasmas are the most commonly observed in astronomy, particularly through optical and UV observatories, such as the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Modeling astronomical photoionized plasmas is generally done from the condition of steady-state statistical equilibrium, but none-equilibrium time-dependent photoionization (TDP) is found in a large variety of astronomical objects, yet it has received little attention thus far. There are multiple examples of notable failures of steady-state photoionization modeling. We have developed of a general purpose time-dependent photoionization modeling code and its use in the analysis of astronomical spectra. The new code, TDPX, is capable of including all chemical elements from hydrogen (Z=1) to nickel (Z=28). The code to the study of non-equilibrium conditions in FeLoBALquasars and the BLR regions of AGNs.