ICTs and Regional Economic Integration: An Anticipatory Scenario for the Horn of Africa

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Mohamed, Ali Noor
Human development; economic integration; information and communication technologies; ICT; African Studies; Communication Technology and New Media; Growth and Development
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Development experts are telling increasingly fascinating stories about how human development indices (HDI) among the poor in Africa, Asia, and Latin America have been buoyed by the diffusion of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) over the last two decades. According to data compiled by the World Economic Forum, ICTs have facilitated faster and more reliable communication with regard to almost all important spheres of life including healthcare, education, agriculture, commerce, e-banking, the environment, etc. Perhaps the greatest impact of ICTs has been in their democratizing effect and their role in promoting gender equity, especially with regard to access to information that affects basic facets of life which has been beyond reach before either because of geographic distance or because of a lack of facilities such as libraries and clinics. This paper employs the anticipatory scenario-building approach in offering an analysis of potential development implications of ICTs for the Horn of Africa region.