Religion and War in Medieval Culture

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Religious difference has led throughout the Middle Ages to conflict and war. From the Islamic conquest of the Middle East and the Iberian peninsula, Byzantine engagements with the Persians, the Merowingian clashes with Arian believers, Charlemagne’s campaigns against the Saxons, to the Crusades and beyond, religion has been crucial to the development of medieval culture. This panel seeks to explore the intersections of religiously motivated conflict with art, architecture, music, literature, political and social history, politics, medicine/science, theology, and philosophy. We understand “war” not only as “armed conflict” but also more broadly as any fundamental disagreement or controversy between two distinctly self-identified parties. We welcome papers that address the effects of these conflicts (e.g., travel narratives, transfer of relics, pilgrimage, etc.) as well as theoretical approaches to any of these topics.Sara S. Poor