Beatus: The Spanish Apocalypse (A Film Screening and Discussion)

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The 2014 documentary film "Beatus: The Spanish Apocalypse," directed and produced by Scottish documentary filmmaker Murray Grigor and cinematographer Hamid Shams (BBP Films and MUSE Films and Television) is based upon the richly painted medieval manuscript tradition of the Beatus Commentary on the Apocalyse, written by the monk Beatus of Liébena in the late 8th century and surviving in 29 illuminated copies from the 10th through the early 13th centuries. The film includes extensive travel to medieval sites in Spain, with learned dialogue, commentary, and reflection on the Beatus tradition and related aspects of the art of medieval Spain by scholar John Williams (University Professor Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh (1928-2015). It was John’s hope that this stunning 90-minute film would be screened at the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo where medievalists from over the world might be able to see and enjoy it. Mr. Grigor and Mr. Shams have agreed to make a print of the film available for screening and to be present for a discussion following the screening. The premiere of the film was held in October 2014 at the Morgan Library in New York.David Raizman , Therese Martin , Julie Harris