Green Tea Extracts and Caffeine Increases Weight Loss in Adults

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Feltes, Jessica L, Miss
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The purpose of this systemic review was to determine if evidence supports the assertion that green tea extracts (GTE) and caffeine can increase weight loss by altering thermogenesis and fat oxidation in adults. Six randomized controlled trials involving adults were examined. GTE were given either as a capsule or beverage once to three times per day with servings varying from 270 mg – 593 mg per day. Results in these trials demonstrated an increase in energy expenditure, which led to a decrease in BMI and body weight. Agreement among the studies indicated that results were due to GTE effects on thermogenesis and fat oxidation. While these findings show promise, there are limitations that need to be addressed. This includes increasing the number of subjects in the study to produce further data. Also increasing the variety of populations such as BMI’s and ages will help better determine who this intervention will be successful for. Other changes that could be added to aid this research would include long term research. In conclusion, GTE did show an effect on increasing weight loss by stimulating thermogenesis and fat oxidation in adults.