Pedagogy for a Plugged-in Age, Independent Study 2017

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Hladkyj, Andrew
pedagogy; technology; independent study; human-centred; online-enabled higher education; STEEP V; online learning; collaboration; accessibility; curriculum design; Higher Education; Online and Distance Education; Science and Technology Studies
report description
This is an independent study for Hladkyj's graduate studies in Strategic Foresight and Innovation (MDes) at OCAD University. The study’s goal is to establish a “lay of the land” informing how technology and pedagogy might be designed in the Web Design Graduate Certificate program Hladkyj spearheaded at Sheridan College.The research consists of a literature review validated by primary sources, composed of four 30-minute, semi-structured expert interviews with college-level design educators, administrators, and students (both current and former).A modified, “human-centred” STEEP V (Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Values) framework provides context to the findings.The output is actionable and threefold: (1) High-level motivations / truths on which to base curriculum design principles, (2) Levers and tensions that designers must capitalize on in curriculum development, and (3) Initial “design dilemmas” or points of view that can spark reframing of digital pedagogy for a Major Research Project (MRP).