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Vol: 22, Issue: 6610

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New-York Daily Tribune
Greeley & McElrath
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From the Mountain Department. / The Rebels Overtaken. / Severe Battle with Jackson's Whole Army. / [A] Brilliant Victory for Fremont. / Great Gallantry of Our Troops / The Rebels Defeated with Severe Loss. / General Fremont's Official Report. / The Rebel Ashby Killed. /Our Army Sleeps on the Field of Battle. // From the Mississippi Flotilla. / Fall Particulars of Important events / The Evacuation of Fort Pillow. / The Great Gunboat Fight Of Memphis. / Seven of the Rebel Vessels Destroyed of Captured. / 200 of the Enemy Killed and Wounded. / Our Occupation of the City of Memphis / The Great Majority of the People Loyal. / Facts About the Destruction of Cotton and Sugar. / The Press of Memphis. / Analysis of the Population.