Heavy Metals in the Water and Wastewater Systems of the University of Central Florida

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McCully, William Keith
University of Central Florida
Water quality; Florida; University of Central Florida
thesis / dissertation description
In large enough quantities, heavy metals may be detrimental to human health. Metals in raw water may pass through a water treatment plant without being completely removed. Once in a the distribution system, the water may experience metal pick-up due to corrosion. During the course of this study, an attempt was made to determine the heavy metal concentrations in the University of Central Florida's potable water systems. Samples were fun on the plasma spectrophotometer, Spectraspan III, and analyzed for heavy metal content. The results indicate pick-up of Fe, Al, Cu, and Zn in the distribution system. The arsenic and lead concentrations in the drinking water samples should be verified. The UCF sewage treatment plant offers adequate heavy metal removal with the metal ions being removed concentrating in the activated sludge.