ARC: Syracuse School of Architecture Journal (1989 - 1990)

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Syracuse School of Architecture,; Hnatiuk, Catherine
School of Architecture; ARC; Studio Projects; Robert Goodill first year studio; Karin Kilgore first year studio; Richard Role first year studio; Melissa Weese first year studio; Thomas Davis 2nd year studio; Adam Drisin 2nd year studio; Francois Gabriel 2nd year studio; Evelyn McFarlane 2nd year studio; Joel Bostick 3rd year studio; Kermit Lee 3rd year studio; Robert Levy 3rd studio; Arthur McDonald 3rd year studio; Lou Skoler 3rd year studio; Florence Program; Bruce Coleman Florence Design Studio; sketches; Paul Malo 5th year studio; William Scarbrough 5th year studio; Christopher Gray M.Arch I - 1st year studio; Thesis; Architecture
article description
ARC: Syracuse University School of Architecture Journal of 1989-1990. This book offers a collection of student works.