Contemporary Infrastructure for the Sustainable Mid-Sized City

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Martinez, Christian
infrastructure; transportation; syracuse; urban; Architecture
thesis / dissertation description
Embedded within the Feasibility Assessment of Sustainable Transportation: Syracuse study’s goals is an interest in urban mobility particularly in mid-sized cities in America. Well referenced texts tend to deliberate on issues of urban infrastructure in great urban metropolises. This presumes infrastructure improvements can universally have a positive impact on urban mobility irrespective of city size. But is it possible for the prosperity of cities to be augmented by virtue of investing in policy and infrastructure for sustainable transportation through following megalopolis biased guidebooks? Vishaan Chakrabarti advocates for a more urban America in “A County of Cities”, because of their ability to foster a better environment and economy thus leading to increased social equity. He suggests that the performance of cities top that of lesser populated establishments. However, when considering the city of Syracuse we see that its performance issues may be partly responsible due to its shrinking population. If larger and denser cities can support new innovative sustainable transportation networks, how are we sure that mid-sized cities can as well?