Visual Interactive Modeling in a Java-based Hierarchical Modeling and Simulation System

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Sargent, Robert G.; Daum, Thorsten
Simulation systems; Hierarchical Modeling and Simulation System-Java; HiMASS-j; Hierarchical Control Flow Graph; HCFG; Computer Sciences
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The desired set of properties of a modern simulation system is presented. The portion of the Hierarchical Modeling And Simulation System-Java (HiMASS-j) used for specifying Hierarchical Control Flow Graph (HCFG) Models is described. The specification of HCFG Models in HiMASS-j is by visual interactive modeling through the use of graphical user interfaces and dialog boxes. HCFG Models are specified using two complementary hierarchical specification structures: one to specify the components that comprise a model and how these components are interconnected, and the other to specify the behaviors of individual atomic components. A simulation of a traffic intersection using HiMASS-j is briefly discussed.