The education of Mexican-Americans in Kansas City, Kansas, 1916--1951

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Cleary, Robert M.
Mexican Americans; Kansas City; Education
thesis / dissertation description
This thesis examines education for Mexican-Americans in Kansas City from 1916-1951. The racism of the Anglo community toward Mexican-Americans, as it developed nationally and in Kansas City, comprises the majority of the discussion. The Kansas City Kansas School District provided segregated education after the Anglo residents of Argentine, Armourdale, and Rosedale threatened to obstruct integration by resorting to violence. Newspaper accounts and oral histories reconstruct how this segregated system developed, and comparison to other Kansas communities, demonstrates the rigorous nature of racial separation in Kansas City.The Mexican-American community organized to protest and resist this attempt to put them in the same class as African-Americans and achieved minor success. As resident aliens without access to the court system, they created change by lobbying the Mexican consulate to intervene with Federal and local officials on their behalf.