Consulting Engineering Contracting Policy and Procedures

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Kentucky Highway Materials Research Laboratory
Kentucky Transportation Center, University of Kentucky
No. 231b; engineering; kentucky transportation; Consulting engineering; construction engineering projects; Transportation Engineering
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The Kentucky Department of Highways on March 2, 1965, as the result of a study made by Department personnel, set forth and adopted by issuance of official Order No. 73646, ''Consulting Engineering Contracting Procedures." Each of the forty-nine other state highway departments was requested to advise as to the policy and procedure for obtaining professional consulting engineering services and fees paid for the services.An agreement was entered into with the Kentucky Research .Foundation for Dean R. E. Shaver, College of Engineering, University of Kentucky, and his associates, as he might delegate, to review the Kentucky Department. of Highways' "Consulting Engineering Contracting Procedures" and the practices in other states and to make such recommendations as he deems appropriate. This review resulted in only minor modifications of the above-noted procedures.The attached is the "Consulting Engineering Contracting Policy and Procedures" presently in use by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Highways. A tabulation of the fees paid for professional services is further appended as Table No. 1.