ErbB2 and p38γ MAPK mediate alcohol-induced increase in breast cancer stem cells and metastasis.

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Molecular cancer, ISSN: 1476-4598, Vol: 15, Issue: 1, Page: 52

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Xu, Mei; Ren, Zhenhua; Wang, Xin; Comer, Ashley; Frank, Jacqueline A.; Ke, Zun-Ji; Huang, Yi; Zhang, Zhuo; Shi, Xianglin; Wang, Siying; Luo, Jia Show More Hide
Springer Nature
Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology; Medicine; Alcohol; Cancer stem cell; p38 gamma; MCF7-ErbB2; Metastasis; Tumor promotion; Medical Nutrition; Medical Pharmacology; Oncology; Pharmacology, Toxicology and Environmental Health
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article description
Both epidemiological and experimental studies suggest that excessive alcohol exposure increases the risk for breast cancer and enhances metastasis/recurrence. We have previously demonstrated that alcohol enhanced the migration/invasion of breast cancer cells and cancer cells overexpressing ErbB2/HER2 were more sensitive to alcohol exposure. However, the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. This study was designed to investigate the mechanisms underlying alcohol-enhanced aggressiveness of breast cancer. Cancer stem cells (CSCs) play a critical role in cancer metastasis and recurrence.