Klipsun Magazine, 2009, Volume 39, Issue 04 - April

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Fife, Jaimie; Western Washington University
Western Washington University
Student life; Klipsun Magazine; Western Washington State College; periodicals; Higher Education; Journalism Studies; College students’ writings, American--Washington (State)--Bellingham; Universities and colleges--Washington (State)--Bellingham; Western Washington University--Students; Western Washington University
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They say beauty is more than skin deep, but that does not mean we should discount skin altogether. Skin plays an integral role in shaping personality and character since the way people choose to clothe, decorate or care for their skin can tell a story about who they are.The theme of this issue is “Skin Deep” because the stories explore attitudes toward skin that create various life circumstances. For example, one article discusses burlesque dancers who participate in the revealing art form because they say it makes them feel less self- conscious and more comfortable in their own skin. In another, more intense story, readers learn what life is like for people who view their skin as a coping device, so they participate in self-injury.Because the appearance and health of skin undoubtedly play a major role in everyone’s lives, the way some people choose to treat their skin can seem either fascinating or shocking, depending on how unusual the circumstances are. If you really want to read an outrageous account— try checking out the article about body suspension, which requires participants to “hang out,” or dangle above ground from hooks pierced through their skin.As you are about to find out, there are tons of ways to think about skin, and the wide range of stories in this “Skin Deep” issue are a testament to that fact.