The Esh kodesh of Rabbi Kalonimus Kalmish Shapiro: A Hasidic Treatise on Communal Trauma from the Holocaust

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Transcultural Psychiatry, ISSN: 1363-4615, Vol: 37, Issue: 3, Page: 321-335

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Henry Abramson
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Rabbi Kalonimus Kalmish Shapiro (1889–1943) was a spiritual leader of Hasidic Jews in the Warsaw ghetto during the Nazi occupation, where he continued to preach weekly sermons to his dwindling group of followers living in increasingly difficult circumstances. Discovered after the war by a construction worker clearing rubble from the destroyed ghetto and eventually published in Israel under the title Esh Kodesh(‘Holy Fire’), these weekly sermons lend insight into the strategies used by a faith community in dealing with extended trauma. © 2000, Sage Publications. All rights reserved.