Modeling of migrating grains on asteroid’s surface

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Astrophysics and Space Science, ISSN: 0004-640X, Vol: 355, Issue: 1, Page: 43-56

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Yang Yu; Hexi Baoyin
Springer Nature
Physics and Astronomy; Earth and Planetary Sciences
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We present a numerical method based on the polyhedral data of asteroid shape for simulation of individual grain’s dynamics around the asteroid surface, with application to migration of regolith material on specific asteroid. Surface gravitational attraction and potential are computed using polyhedral method with a correction on possible singularities; asteroid surface is approximated with continuous quartic Bézier patches based on the division of polyhedral mesh, which provides sufficient geometrical information for the simulation. Orbital motion and surface motion are processed separately by checking if the particle touches or leaves the surface. Collisions are treated as instantaneous point-contact events with the local quartic curved surface. The subpoint is recorded throughout the process to track the ID of the particle. We provide full description of this method including very detailed treatments in numeric. Several basic tests are conducted to examine the performance of this method, and the potential application of this method is also discussed. The test results of seismic regolith migration on crater walls show consistent conclusions with former investigation.