Prospect and Reality of Ni-Rich Cathode for Commercialization

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Advanced Energy Materials, ISSN: 1614-6840, Vol: 8, Issue: 6

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Junhyeok Kim; Hyomyung Lee; Hyungyeon Cha; Moonsu Yoon; Minjoon Park; Jaephil Cho
Energy; Materials Science; industrial electrodes condition; nickel‐ rich cathodes; powder properties; single crystalline properties; washing process
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The layered nickel-rich cathode materials are considered as promising cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) due to their high reversible capacity and low cost. However, several significant challenges, such as the unstable powder properties and limited electrode density, hindered the practical application of the nickel-rich cathode materials with the nickel content over 80%. Herein, important stability issues and in-depth understanding of the nickel-rich cathode materials on the basis of the industrial electrode fabrication condition for the commercialization of the nickel-rich cathode materials are reviewed. A variety of factors threatening the battery safety such as the powder properties, thermal/structural stability are systemically investigated from a material point of view. Furthermore, recent efforts for enhancing the electrochemical stability of the nickel-rich cathode materials are summarized. More importantly, critical key parameters that should be considered for the high energy LIBs at an electrode level are intensively addressed for the first time. Current electrode fabrication condition has a difficulty in increasing the energy density of the battery. Finally, light is shed on the perspectives for the future research direction of the nickel-rich cathode materials with its technical challenges in current state by the practical aspect.