High-performance Fe 5 C 2 @CMK-3 nanocatalyst for selective and high-yield production of gasoline-range hydrocarbons

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Journal of Catalysis, ISSN: 0021-9517, Vol: 349, Page: 66-74

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Shin Wook Kang; Kyeounghak Kim; Dong Hyun Chun; Jung-Il Yang; Ho-Tae Lee; Heon Jung; Jung Tae Lim; Sanha Jang; Chul Sung Kim; Chan-Woo Lee; Sang Hoon Joo; Jeong Woo Han; Ji Chan Park Show More Hide
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Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Selective Fischer-Tropsch synthesis; Amorphous carbon; Ordered mesoporous carbon; Density functional theory; Iron-carbide
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Highly-loaded and well-dispersed Fe 5 C 2 nanoparticles within ordered mesoporous carbon CMK-3 (Fe 5 C 2 @CMK-3) were prepared via a simple melt infiltration method. They were successfully applied to high-temperature Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, and showed high CO conversion (91%) and activity (5.1 × 10 −4 mol co g Fe −1 s −1 ) as well as good selectivity (38 wt%) for gasoline-range hydrocarbons (C 5 –C 12 ). The catalytic property of Fe 5 C 2 @CMK-3 was newly interpreted, based on theoretical data obtained by computational simulations.