Electromagnetically induced transparency in sinusoidal modulated ring resonator

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Applied Physics Letters, ISSN: 0003-6951, Vol: 112, Issue: 23

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Jagannath Malik; Sai Kiran Oruganti; Seongkyu Song; Nak Young Ko; Franklin Bien
AIP Publishing
Physics and Astronomy
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In the present work, we demonstrate controlling the excitation of bright mode (continuum mode) resonance and dark mode (discrete mode) resonance in a planar metasurface made of sinusoidal modulation inside a closed rectangular metallic ring placed over a dielectric substrate. Unlike asymmetrical breaking of a meta-atom (often referred to as the unit cell) to achieve the dark mode response in regular metamaterials, in the present structure, the bright or dark mode resonance is achieved using even or odd half cycle modulation. The achieved dark-mode shows a sharp resonance for a particular polarization of the incident electric field, which results in an electromagnetically induced transparency like spectrum. The electromagnetic behavior of the proposed meta-atom has been investigated in the frequency domain using commercially available software and validated through experiments in the gigahertz regime.