Nanomaterial-based stretchable and transparent electrodes

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Journal of Information Display, ISSN: 1598-0316, Vol: 17, Issue: 4, Page: 131-141

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Kukjoo Kim; Byung Gwan Hyun; Jiuk Jang; Eunjin Cho; Young-Geun Park; Jang-Ung Park
Informa UK Limited
Materials Science; Engineering; Stretchable; transparent; electrodes; nanowires; nanofibers
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The recent advent of unprecedented wearable applications engendered the need for stretchable electronics, which can be realized by making the individual components stretchable. The transparent conducting electrode is one of the most important components of optoelectronic devices. Therefore, developing transparent electrodes in a stretchable form is essential for the implementation of stretchable electronics. In this paper, the recent efforts in the development of stretchable and transparent electrodes, particularly those using nanomaterials such as metal nanowires, metal nanofibers, and carbon nanotubes are introduced.