Full-Field Subwavelength Imaging Using a Scattering Superlens

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Physical Review Letters, ISSN: 0031-9007, Vol: 113, Issue: 11

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Chunghyun Park, Jung-Hoon Park, Christophe Rodriguez, HyeonSeung Yu, Minkwan Kim, Kyoungsuk Jin, Seungyong Han, Jonghwa Shin, Seung Hwan Ko, Ki Tae Nam, Yong-Hee Lee, Yong-Hoon Cho, YongKeun Park Show More Hide
American Physical Society (APS)
Physics and Astronomy
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Light-matter interaction gives optical microscopes tremendous versatility compared with other imaging methods such as electron microscopes, scanning probe microscopes, or x-ray scattering where there are various limitations on sample preparation and where the methods are inapplicable to bioimaging with live cells. However, this comes at the expense of a limited resolution due to the diffraction limit. Here, we demonstrate a novel method utilizing elastic scattering from disordered nanoparticles to achieve subdiffraction limited imaging. The measured far-field speckle fields can be used to reconstruct the subwavelength details of the target by time reversal, which allows full-field dynamic super-resolution imaging. The fabrication of the scattering superlens is extremely simple and the method has no restrictions on the wavelength of light that is used.

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