Impact energy absorbing capability of metal/polymer hybrid sheets

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Transactions of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, A, ISSN: 1226-4873, Vol: 41, Issue: 2, Page: 137-142

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Kyungil Kong; Obum Kwon; Hyung Wook Park
Engineering; High Strength Steel Sheet(고장력강판); Polymer(고분자); Equivalent Flexural Rigidity(등가굽힘강성계수)
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Recently, the reduction of vehicle weight has been increasingly studied, in order to enhance the fuel efficiency of passenger cars. In particular, the seat frame is being studied actively, owing to considerations of driver safety from external impact damage. Therefore, this study focuses on high strength steel sheet (SPFC980)/polymer heterojunction hybrid materials, and their performance in regards to impact energy absorption. The ratio of impact energy absorption was observed to be relatively higher in the SPFC980/polymer hybrid materials under the impact load. This was found by calculating the equivalent flexural rigidity, which is the bending effect, according to the Castigliano theorem. An efficient wire-web structure was investigated through the simulation of different wire-web designs such as triangular, rectangular, octagonal, and hexagonal structures. The hexagonal wire-web structure was shown to have the least impact damage, according to the simulations. This study can be utilized for seat frame design for passengers' safety, owing to efficient impact absorption.