Highly efficient and low voltage silver nanowire-based OLEDs employing a n-type hole injection layer.

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Nanoscale, ISSN: 2040-3372, Vol: 6, Issue: 15, Page: 8565-70

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Lee, Hyungjin, Lee, Donghwa, Ahn, Yumi, Lee, Eun-Woo, Park, Lee Soon, Lee, Youngu
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), The Royal Society of Chemistry, ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY
Materials Science, Electron injection, Light emitting diodes Device characteristics, Device performance, Hole injection layers, Low turn-on voltages, Mechanical flexibility, Organic light emitting diodes(OLEDs), Plastic substrates, Transparent conducting electrodes
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Highly flexible and efficient silver nanowire-based organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) have been successfully fabricated by employing a n-type hole injection layer (HIL). The silver nanowire-based OLEDs without light outcoupling structures exhibited excellent device characteristics such as extremely low turn-on voltage (3.6 V) and high current and power efficiencies (44.5 cd A(-1) and 35.8 lm W(-1)). In addition, flexible OLEDs with the silver nanowire transparent conducting electrode (TCE) and n-type HIL fabricated on plastic substrates showed remarkable mechanical flexibility as well as device performance.

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