Simple coordination complex-derived three-dimensional mesoporous graphene as an efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst.

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Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), ISSN: 1364-548X, Vol: 51, Issue: 31, Page: 6773-6

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Lee, Kyung Joo, Sa, Young Jin, Jeong, Hu Young, Bielawski, Christopher W., Joo, Sang Hoon, Moon, Hoi Ri
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), The Royal Society of Chemistry, ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY
Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Article, bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst, catalysis, catalyst, electrochemical analysis, energy conversion, oxygen electrode, oxygen evolution, potential difference, synthesis, X ray powder diffraction
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article description
3D mesoporous graphene (mesoG) was synthesized from [Ni2(EDTA)] (EDTA = ethylenediaminetetraacetate). The material is comprised of interconnected 4 nm-sized hollow carbon shells composed of 3-4 layers of graphene and exhibits high bifunctional electrocatalytic activity as well as high durability for use in oxygen evolution and reduction reactions.

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