Indoor positioning and life detection by using asynchronous multiple frequency shift keying radar

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Electronics Letters, ISSN: 0013-5194, Vol: 51, Issue: 22, Page: 1817-1819

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Liu, Zhenyi, Kim, Y., Bien, Franklin
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), IET Digital Library, INST ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY-IET
Engineering, frequency shift keying, indoor navigation, radionavigation, signal detection
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Indoor positioning and life detection using radio frequency has been widely researched; however, to achieve both indoor positioning and life detection has been a very challenging task until now. By careful design of the waveform and a novel detection algorithm, asynchronous multiple frequency shift keying (A-MFSK) is proposed to solve this task for the first time, which can operate between an MFSK mode and a single tone continuous wave mode, providing a possibility of A-MFSK for this task. Detailed explanation about the detection algorithm is given. Simulations and measurements results of both modes demonstrate that A-MFSK has the capability of indoor positioning and life detection.

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