A comprehensive analysis of a TE 11 to HE 11 mode converter for an oversized F-band corrugated waveguide

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Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, ISSN: 0920-5071, Vol: 27, Issue: 17, Page: 2221-2238

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Choe, Mun Seok; Kim, Kwang Hoon; Choi, EunMi
Informa UK Limited; TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD
Materials Science; Physics and Astronomy; Engineering; corrugated waveguide; gyrotrons; high power transmission; horn antennas; mode transition
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We have investigated the mode transition behavior from approximately half- to quarter-wavelength in typical F-band (90-140 GHz) TE11 to HE11 converters of varying corrugation depths. Simulations in which the number of slots in the corrugation is varied indicate that the optimal number of slots should be greater than two, which is in excellent agreement with the experimental results. The mode content was also analyzed with and without a quarter-wavelength depth-corrugated tapered section. The electric field pattern at the exit of a quarter-wavelength tapered transition connected to a half-wavelength to quarter-wavelength TE11 to HE11 mode converter is compared with that without a converter. Electric field patterns both with and without a half- to quarter-wavelength TE11 to HE11 mode converter show a highly Gaussian field pattern with less than 35 dB of cross-polarization. Simulated field patterns are in good agreement with the experimentally measured field patterns, with the measured and simulated electric field distributions matching approximately 96.5 and 97.5%, respectively, to a pure Gaussian distribution. © 2013 © 2013 The Author(s). Published by Taylor & Francis.