Synthesis of New Conjugated Polymers as Hole Injection Layer and Performance of OLED Devices

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Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, ISSN: 1542-1406, Vol: 551, Issue: 1, Page: 69-77

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Yoo, Tae Wook; Park, Chul; Nguyen Thi Mai; Kim, Dong Uk; Park, Lee Soon
Informa UK Limited; TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD
Chemistry; Materials Science; Physics and Astronomy; Conjugated polymers; OLED; Organic Light Emtting Diode; Synthesis
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The fluorene-based poly(dioctylfluorene-alt-biphenylamine)s with styrylpyridyl group were synthesized by using Pd-catalyzed polycondensation reaction. These hole injection/ transport polymers showed very good solvent resistance after photo-crosslinking which could facilitate the subsequent spin coating of the emitting layer polymer solution. Moreover these polymers could be patterned by using distyrylpyridyl alkyl monomer (DSM) as crosslinking agents. The OLED devices with configuration of ITO/HIL/Alq3:NPD/LiF/Al in which synthesized polymer was used as hole injection layer (HIL) were fabricated and their performance was compared with the commercially available PEDOT:PSS as HIL layer. © 2011 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.