New method in medical tomography based on vibrating wire: Bench-test experiment on laser beam

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series, ISSN: 1742-6596, Vol: 826, Issue: 1, Page: 012016

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Aginian, M.A.; Alonso, J.; Arutunian, S.G.; Chung, Moses; Margaryan, A.V.; Lazareva, E.G.; Lazarev, L.M.; Shahinyan, L.A.
IOP Publishing; Institute of Physics
Physics and Astronomy
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A new method for fast transverse beam profiling, where a vibrating wire is served as a resonant target, has been developed. The speed of scan up to a few hundred mm/s provides opportunity to make a set of beam profiles at different directions of the scan within a reasonable measurement time. This profile set allows us to reconstruct 2D beam profile by filtered back-projection algorithm. The new method may be applied for proton, X-ray, gamma, and neutron beams, and can also be of interest in tomography including medical applications. The method has been tested experimentally by means of laser beams.