Peroxiredoxin5 Controls Vertebrate Ciliogenesis by Modulating Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species.

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Antioxidants & redox signaling, ISSN: 1557-7716

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Ji, Yurim; Chae, Soomin; Lee, Hyun-Kyung; Park, Inji; Kim, Chowon; Ismail, Tayaba; Kim, Youni; Park, Jeen-Woo; Kwon, Oh-Shin; Kang, Beom-Sik; Lee, Dong-Seok; Bae, Jong-Sup; Kim, Sang-Hyun; Moon, Pyung-Gon; Baek, Moon-Chang; Park, Mae-Ja; Kil, In Sup; Rhee, Sue Goo; Kim, Joon; Huh, Yang Hoon; Shin, Jong-Yeon; Min, Kyoung-Jin; Kwon, Taeg Kyu; Jang, Dong Gil; Woo, Hyun Ae; Kwon, Taejoon; Park, Tae Joo; Lee, Hyun-Shik Show More Hide
Mary Ann Liebert Inc; MARY ANN LIEBERT INC
peroxiredoxin5; ROS; cilia; pyruvate kinase; mitochondria
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Peroxiredoxin5 (Prdx5), a thioredoxin peroxidase, is an antioxidant enzyme that is widely studied for its antioxidant properties and protective roles in neurological and cardiovascular disorders. This study is aimed at investigating the functional significance of Prdx5 in mitochondria and at analyzing its roles in ciliogenesis during the process of vertebrate development.