An Efficient Oxygen Evolution Catalyst for Hybrid Lithium Air Batteries: Almond Stick Type Composite of Perovskite and Cobalt Oxide

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Journal of The Electrochemical Society, ISSN: 0013-4651, Vol: 163, Issue: 9, Page: A1893-A1897

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Gwon, Ohhun, Kim, Changmin, Kwon, Ohhun, Jeong, Hu Young, Park, Heai-Ku, Shin, Jeeyoung, Ju, Young-Wan, Kim, Guntae
The Electrochemical Society, ELECTROCHEMICAL SOC INC
Materials Science, Energy, Chemistry, Catalyst, Electrospinning, Hybrid Li-Air battery, Perovskite oxide
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We investigated the electrochemical composite effect between cobalt oxide and Nd0.5 Sr0.5 CoO3-δ (Co-NSC). A double phase Co-NSC composite was successfully synthesized by a new synthesis process rather than a single phase NdSrCoOperovskite. The composite has good catalytic activity, high number of transferred electrons (3.9) compatible with Pt/C, and low concentration of the peroxide species (HO) yields (<5%). Also, it shows the outperformed onset potential (0.576 V vs. Hg/HgO) of the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) at -2.0 mA cm, indicating higher current density than perovskite related catalysts such as BaSrCoFeO(BSCF), LaSrNiO(LSN), LaNiO(LNO) and the state-of-the-art rutile IrO. The good catalytic activity of Co-NSC is ascribed to the higher amount of Cocations and higher O/Olattice ratio. Interestingly, the cyclic performance of the composite is also remarkably stable without observable degradation in a hybrid lithium air cell.

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