In Situ Surface Modification of Ni-YSZ with BaZrO 3 for Enhancing the Sulfur Tolerance of Ni-YSZ Anode

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Journal of The Electrochemical Society, ISSN: 0013-4651, Vol: 163, Issue: 9, Page: F1055-F1058

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Ohhun Kwon; Sivaprakash Sengodan; Chaehyun Lim; Hu Young Jeong; Jeeyoung Shin; Young-Wan Ju; Guntae Kim
The Electrochemical Society; ELECTROCHEMICAL SOC INC
Materials Science; Energy; Physics and Astronomy; Chemistry; ceramic anode; fuel cells; sulfur tolerance; surface modification
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In this work, we report on a BaZrO(BZO) modified NiO-YSZ anode fabricated by co-sintering of NiO-YSZ and BaCOfor SOFCs. The BZO modified Ni-YSZ anode shows stable electrochemical performance in H2 fuel containing a high level of 100 ppm sulfur for more than 100 hours. On the other hand, an unmodified Ni-YSZ anode degrades significantly in 100 ppm sulfur containing H2 fuel. The obtained results demonstrate that the BZO in the Ni-YSZ is an excellent catalyst for enhancing the sulfur tolerance of the conventional Ni-YSZ anode. Moreover, the surface modification strategy is simple and cost-effective, and thereby can promote commercialization of Ni-YSZ anode supported cells.