Spray Coating of Carbon Nanotube on Polyethylene Terephthalate Film for Touch Panel Application

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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, ISSN: 1533-4880, Vol: 12, Issue: 7, Page: 5351-5355

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Park, Chul; Kim, Seok Won; Lee, Yun-Su; Lee, Sung Ho; Song, Kyu Ho; Park, Lee Soon
American Scientific Publishers; AMER SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHERS
Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Engineering; Materials Science; Physics and Astronomy; CNT; Spray Coating; Transparent Conductive Film; Touch Panel; CONDUCTIVE THIN-FILMS
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From a technical perspective, the major limiting factors for the wide adoption of CNT ?lms are the DC conductivity, uniformity of sheet resistance and good adhesion of CNT on ?lm substrate. In this study, the effects of soni?cator and process time on the zeta potential and sheet resistance of the CNT-PET ?lm show that although the dispersing power of horn-type soni?cator is stronger than that of bath-type, the SWCNT solution obtained with horn-type soni?cator agglomerates faster. Likewise, it has been noted that the SWCNT solutions with low enough zeta potentials exhibit higher sheet resistance after making CNT-PET ?lms due to the damage to SWCNTs caused by high dispersion force. Since the spray coating of SWCNT solution gives the SWCNT-SDS composite layer on PET ?lm after drying, the excess SDS should be washed off. The removal of excess SDS was conducted by dipping in the 3 N HNOand SOClsolution and washing with deionized water followed by heat treatment in a 120 °C convection oven for 30 min. The lift-off of SWCNT-SDS composite layer after 40 min dipping in the3NHNO solution appeared to be due to the continued permeation leading to swelling of the SDS layer by the 3 N HNOaqueous solution. It was found that ten times of spray coating cycle gave CNT-PET ?lm the sheet resistance of 310 ω/and transmittance of 81%. The TSP made with CNT-PET ?lm exhibited a performance equal to the one made with ITO-PET ?lm. © 2012 American Scientific Publishers.