Transparent Conducting Film Fabricated by Metal Mesh Method with Ag and Cu@Ag Mixture Nanoparticle Pastes

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Metals, ISSN: 2075-4701, Vol: 7, Issue: 5, Page: 176

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Nam, Hyun Min; Seo, Duck Min; Yun, Hyung Duk; Thangavel, Gurunathan; Park, Lee Soon; Nam, Su Yong
Materials Science; synthesis of core– shell metal nanoparticles; Cu@Ag composite nanoparticle; metal mesh; screen printing; touch screen panel
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Transparent conducting electrode film is highly desirable for application in touch screen panels (TSPs), flexible and wearable displays, sensors, and actuators. A sputtered film of indium tin oxide (ITO) shows high transmittance (90%) at low sheet resistance (50 Ω/cm). However, ITO films lack mechanical flexibility, especially under bending stress, and have limitation in application to large-area TSPs (over 15 inches) due to the trade-off in high transmittance and low sheet resistance properties. One promising solution is to use metal mesh-type transparent conducting film, especially for touch panel application. In this work, we investigated such inter-related issues as UV imprinting process to make a trench layer pattern, the synthesis of core-shell-type Ag and Cu@Ag composite nanoparticles and their paste formulation, the filling of Ag and Cu@Ag mixture nanoparticle paste to the trench layer, and touch panel fabrication processes.