An excessive current subtraction technique to improve dynamic range for touch screen panel applications

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Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science, ISSN: 1598-1657, Vol: 16, Issue: 3, Page: 375-379

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Heo, Sang Hyun; Ma, Hyunggun; Bien, Franklin
The Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea; IEEK PUBLICATION CENTER
Materials Science; Engineering; Current subtraction; High voltage; Parallel operation; Touch screen
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A current subtraction technique with parallel operation system is proposed to remove excessive current in touch screen application. The proposed current subtraction remove the current which go into the input node of charge amplifier. The value of subtraction current is same with current when touch screen is not touched. As a result, charge amplifier output is only proportional to variation of mutual capacitor, which make dynamic rage is increased. Also, Transmitter (Tx) driving signal and subtraction driving signal are out of phase each other. Thus, noise generated in Tx is cancelled. The proposed IC is implemented in a mixed-mode 0.18-um CMOS process. Overall system is designed for touch screen panel (TSP) with 16 driving lines and 8 sensing lines. 5-V supply voltages are used in the proposed circuits. For multiple Tx driving signal, Walsh codes are used and signal frequency is 300 khz. By using proposed technique, dynamic rage is improved 36 dB.