Estimación del error en cierta clase de métodos numéricos combinados de estrategia recorrectora

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Revista de Matemática: Teoría y Aplicaciones, ISSN: 1409-2433, Vol: 11, Issue: 2, Page: 71-85

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Marrero Severo, Aymée de los Ángeles; Baguer Díaz-Romañach, Marta L.
Universidad de Costa Rica; Centro de Investigación en Matemática Pura y Aplicada (CIMPA)
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This paper shows an analysis of the order for the approximation and roundofferrors in combined numerical scheme with recorrector strategy of Adams–Moulton–Bashfort family. These methods are used for the numerical solution of the estimationproblem in models defined by dynamical ODE. Our interest is avail oneself of “familyor kind” of methods which will be efficient or at least competitive for the numericalsolutions of this type of problems. This strategy is consistent with the present tendency in the use of models with minimal square objective function for the adjustment viaoptimization algorithms with and without constrained and explicit, semi-explicit orimplicit numerical methods.Keywords: Recorrector strategy numerical methods, multi-step, stiffness, roundoff errors.