Chinese education system: information in the scope of education law

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Revista Jurídica IUS Doctrina; Núm. 13, ISSN: 1659-3685, Vol: 0, Issue: 13

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SUN, Juanjuan
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Legal education; Chinese education system; legal education reform; Educación jurídica; sistema chino de enseñanza; reforma a la educación jurídica
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With the implementation of reform and open-up policy, China has modernized the education system to mainly cover the three stages of primary education, secondary education and higher education. Further, in light of the development of legislative system and raise of rule of law, legal education has become an important discipline at the stage of higher education, in order to provide the theoretical guidance for rule of law as well as the legal human resources. As far as legal education system is concerned, for one thing, the legal education has advanced to include different legal branches and made considerably contribution in the human training, foreign exchange and legal research. For another thing, however, there are still shortcomings under which the way of teaching is separated from practical training, and legal education lacks of quality education, this is why the reform of legal education has attracted great attention, with the purpose of improving this kind of education in China