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Fernández A., Mario, Pacheco A., Javier, Morales A., Tomás
Universidad de Costa Rica
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The Generalized dimensions (Dq) algorithm was used to investigate the fractal behavior and esti-mate the complexity of the spacial distribution of hypocenters in the central part of Costa Rica for the 1984-1989and 1990-1993 periods. Results suggest that such a distribution is multifractal with a spectrum of dimensions ran-ging between Do = 1.6 and D∞= 0.75. These dimensions do not diverge considerably which indicates that the seis-mic structure is relatively simple and homogeneous with a predominance of a spacial clustering of earthquakesinstead of their propagation in the whole volume. For the 1990-1993 period Do = 1.8 and D∞= 1.1 which is a con-secuense of a more complex seismicity because of the Golfo de Nicoya (March 1990) and Limon (April 1991)earthquakes.

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