Efecto de la aplicación de Terapia conductual en la adquisición de destrezas básicas para el aprendizaje, en tres niños con autismo.

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Revista Educación, ISSN: 0379-7082, Vol: 28, Issue: 1, Page: 133-143

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Cabezas Pizarro, Hannia
Universidad de Costa Rica; Facutad de Educación, Universidad de Costa Rica
reading; Development Problems; Adult Education; Literacy Skills Readers; Reading Methods; autismo; conducta básica; intervención; conducta intermedia; conducta avanzada; educación
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This article presents a programintervention, to acquire skillsliteracy in adult women aged 8between 20 and 48 years of age, with delaymental, and who had not received education.Using the skill model proposed by Skinner (1957), in which there is an observable behavioryou want to develop, are followed up throughan event log, and plotted the skills obtained by each of the participants in the field of reading, allowing you to see the progress throughof the different phases, in addition, itapplied research models, in whichemphasis is placed on changes in a series of data in a single measure or series of measures. (Mayerand Labrador) 1980. Within the research models are used to changing criteria and multiple AB.Where investigating the effects of a conditiongiven on a specific behavior. (Kazdin, 1980).