Divergent evolutionary histories of DNA markers in a Hawaiian population of the coral .

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Putnam, Hollie M.; Adams, Diane K.; Zelzion, Ehud; Wagner, Nicole E.; Qiu, Huan; Mass, Tali; Falkowski, Paul G.; Gates, Ruth D.; Bhattacharya, Debashish
PeerJ; DigitalCommons@URI
Neuroscience; Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology; Agricultural and Biological Sciences
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We investigated intra- and inter-colony sequence variation in a population of the dominant Hawaiian coral by analyzing marker gene and genomic data. Ribosomal ITS1 regions showed evidence of a reticulate history among the colonies, suggesting incomplete rDNA repeat homogenization. Analysis of the mitochondrial genome identified a major () and a minor () haplotype in single polyp-derived sperm bundle DNA with some colonies containing 2-3 different mtDNA haplotypes. In contrast, and newly identified single-copy nuclear genes showed either no sequence differences or minor variations in SNP frequencies segregating among the colonies. Our data suggest past mitochondrial introgression in , whereas nuclear single-copy loci show limited variation, highlighting the divergent evolutionary histories of these coral DNA markers.