Quasielastic scattering in the interaction of ultracold neutrons with a liquid wall and application in a reanalysis of the Mambo I neutron-lifetime experiment

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Physical Review C, ISSN: 0556-2813, Vol: 85, Issue: 6

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Kaufman, Charles, Steyerl, Albert, Pendlebury, J. M., Malik, Surendra S., Desai, A. M.
American Physical Society (APS)
Physics and Astronomy, ultracold neutrons; Mambo I neutron-lifetime experiment; quasielastic scattering; liquid wall
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We develop a theory of ultracold and very cold neutron scattering on viscoelastic surface waves up to second-order perturbation theory. The results are applied to reanalyze the 1989 neutron-lifetime experiment using ultracold neutron storage in a Fomblin-coated vessel by Mampe. Inclusion of this theory of the quasielastic scattering process in the data analysis shifts the neutron lifetime value from 887.6±3 to 882.5±2.1 s. © 2012 American Physical Society.

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