Concordancia del diámetro de la vena cava inferior medida desde dos ventanas ecográficas distintas

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Condía Bríñez, José Aristóbulo; Bustos Martínez, Yury Forlán; Nieto, María Victoria; Especialista en Medicina de Emergencias
Facultad de Medicina
Diámetro de la vena cava inferior; Ultrasonido; Índice de vena cava inferior; Región subxifoidea; Región línea medio axilar derecha; 611.14; Inferior vena cava diameter; Ultrasound; Caval index; Subxiphoid zone; Right anterior midaxillary line zone; Venas cabas; Presión Venosa; Ultrasonografía; Fisiopatología
thesis / dissertation description
INTRODUCTION: In the shock, the ACEP proposes from the measurement of the diameter inferior vena cava in the acoustic subxiphoid zone or the right anterior midaxillary line zone, calculate the caval index in which permits an estimation of the central venous pressure. Accepting the vena cava as a cylinder, it has been assumed that measurements from any of the two regions are equivalent and equally reliable, but there are no studies to prove this. OBJECTIVE: To determine the concordance of diameters in inspiration and expiration of the inferior vena cava, to be examined of two differents approach: the subxiphoid zone or the right anterior midaxillary line zone between the seventh and ninth intercostal space, in a population of healthy individuals. METHODS: There was a study of transversal observation, type: concordance. In this design a concordance expected of minimum 0.7 for significant values was searched; it was realized by intraclass correlation. RESULTS: According to the values of CI in the subxiphoid zone was 29 and for the right anterior midaxillary line zone it was 22. For the values of the smaller diameters of the vena cava inferior were 10 mm for subxiphoid zone and 12mm for the right anterior midaxillary line zone. CONCLUSION: For the population of students of the Quinta de Mutis of the Universidad Del Rosario, there aren’t in statical significant concordance between the subxiphoid zone and the right anterior midaxillary line zone for the measurement of the taller and smaller diameters; neither for the caval index.